Arthur the King

An unexpected encounter. An unlikely bond. An unforgettable adventure.
Adventure Drama

Hit Man

He's not a killer, but he can pretend.
Romance Comedy Crime

Back to Black

Her music. Her life. Her legacy.
History Drama Music

The Garfield Movie

Indoor cat. Outdoor adventure.
Animation Comedy Family

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

No one can stop the reign.
Science Fiction Adventure Action


His mind is fading. His conscience is clear.
Action Thriller Crime

Civil War

Welcome to the frontline.
War Action Drama

The Exorcism

They were making a cursed movie. They were warned not to. They should have listened.
Horror Thriller

Freud's Last Session

September 3, 1939. The world is on the brink. A monumental session with two of the greatest minds of the twentieth century over the future of mankind and the existence of God.

Irena's Vow

Change the world with your courage.
War Drama


A Los Angeles crime saga.
Action Crime Drama

Cinemas usually release their schedule every Wednesday or Thursday, and rarely release the schedule more than one week ahead, presumably because they want to see how viewers receive the listings, before adding more showings of movies (or removing some).

Movies are showed with English audio.